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Transfer Cases are tested pNP271 dodge and ford transfer case replacements and partsrior to leaving the factory. This model is a chain driven manual shift and part time transfer case. The output is on the driver-side with center rear output. This unit has been utilized in Dodge and Ford pickup trucks F250, F350, F450 and F550 from1999-Up. This heavy-duty design with a rating of a gross vehicle weight of 17,500 lbs in vehicles with 5.3 L to 7.3 L diesels. The NP271 is a heavy duty version has a 6 pinion planet and relies on a 1.5" wide chain, specifically designed for durability with emphasis for high strength and lon-term durabiliity.

The NP271 has 2.72:1 ratio, and has a aluminum case has either 4WD partl-time manual shift. The units have different input spline counts: Dodges have 23 and 29 spline inputs. Ford uses 24 spline with manual transmissions and 31 and 34 spline units. Both Dodge and Ford NP271 transfer cases have driveside drops. Recommended fluid is Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF.

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Below you will find a detailed list that includes complete rebuilt Transfer Cases, bearing rebuild kits, gaskets, seals, thrust washers, bushings individual bearing, forks,oil pump, planets, shafts, cases_housings, chain, sprockets and miscellaneous parts. If you need more information or cannot find the parts you need give us a call, if you would like to save money, ask about our good take out parts (GTO), they are inspected and guaranteed.


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np271 transfer case replacements and parts

This information tag is located on rear of transfer case near where the driveshaft exits. The Ford Assembly number will be a number like 7C34-EC.

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Model Years
Dodge 2500 23 spline input 34 spline output
Dodge 3500 23 spline input rear flange output
Dodge 3500 23 spline input 34 spline output
Dodge 4500 29 spline input rear flange output
Dodge 4500 29 spline input rear flange outpu
Ford F250 & F350 34 spline input rear slip
Ford F250 & F350 34 spline input
Ford F250 & F350 24 spline input
Ford F250 & F350 31 spline input
Ford F450 34 spline input rear slip
Ford F450 34 spline input Auto Trans
Ford F450 24 spline input,Manual Trans
Ford F450 31 spline input Auto Trans
Ford F450 34 spline input rear slip
Drawing # Description Part Number Your Cost
Rebuilt Units
N.I. Dodge Ram Manual Shift 2003-UP MWTCCRY023
Core Charge on the above unit. $600.00
N.I. Ford F250 1999-2003 MWTCFRD030
Core Charge on the above unit. $250.00
N.I. Ford 2003-1/2-Up 6 Speed Transmission MWTCFRD039
Core Charge on the above unit.  
Bearing Kits
N.I. NP 271 (Ford). MWT485
N.I. NP 271 (Dodge) MWTBK485A
N.I. NP 271 (Ford). TSK273
N.I. NP 271 (Dodge) TSK273D
N.I. Pump Seal 321070
070A Input Seal F81Z-7B215AA
081A Front Output Seal F81Z-7B215BA
074A Rear Output Seal F81Z-7B215BA
N.I. Rear Output Seal Dodge MWT38429
012E Pump Screen (Fliter) 351012
066A Extension Housing MWTNV45379
215C Planet Thrust Washer (Plastic) 411215
220E Front Output Shaft Bearing (Front) 411210
268E Front Output Shaft Bearing (Rear) 331268B
240C Input Bearing 355249
267C Pocket Bearing MWTNV24260
211D Main Shaft Bearing (Rear) MWT6212N
220D Rear Output Needle Bearing MWTB3416
849B Range Fork (Cast # 17524) (Ford) (Non Updated) MWTNP4746134
849B Range Fork (Cast # 38356) (Updated) 421849
849B Range Fork (Cast # 41816) 482849K
850-1B Mode Fork Insert (45mm Long) 321850-1
849-1B Range Fork Insert (Updated) 421849-1
849-1B Fork Insert (Non Updated) 411850-1
850-1AB Fork Insert (29mm Long) 411850-1A
840KB Fork Insert Kit. 401840K
646C Mode Slider (24T) 351646
645C Ranger Slider Ford Non-Updated 435645
645C Ranger Slider (.386 Wide Fork Groove) Updated 421645A
Pump Assembly and Planet
500D Pump Assembly 421500
588C Planet (6 Pinion) (Used with .630 Wide Input Bearing) 351588A
670C Input Shaft (24 Spline) (Ford) F81Z-7017BA
670C Input Shaft (29 Spline) (Dodge) 421670D
670C Input Shaft (31 Spline) (Ford) 421670A
670C Input Shaft (34 Spline) (Ford) 421670B
672D Main Shaft (Ford) (Updated) 421672
N.I. Main Shaft Kit (Ford) (Updated) includes Late Main Shaft, Range Fork, Slider & Fork Inserts 421672K
760-1A Case Half, Front (Ford). 421760-1
760-1A Case Half, Front (Dodge) (Cast # 46901A) MWT5103490AA
Miscellaneous Componets
700E Chain (1.50 Wide) 49 Links MWTCL10-064
805C Drive Sprocket 421805
806E Drive Sprocket 421805
490A Vent Tube 435490
N.I. Center Blocker Fiber Ring MWTNV30130