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We offer a rebuilt dyno tested NV4500 transmission conversion kits for both 2WD and 4WD.

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These NV4500 Transmission conversion kits are offered for the following application:

NV4500 Dodge Getrag 360 2WD & 4WD Replacement transmission kits for 1988-1993 Cummins Diesel.

Kit includes remanufactured transmission with aluminum top cover, shift stub, shift stick, rear extension housings, aluminum bell housing, plus bell-housing bolts. These units are dyno tested prior to leaving the factory.

We can provide a complete performance clutch kit rated at over 400 HP and 800 ft pounds torque, your cost for clutch kit is part number 13125-OK,that includes flywheel is $699.53. All NV4500 Dodge Getrag 360 replacement parts in this kit carry a one year no hassle warranty! For 4wd transmission order part number MTCRY025, For 2wd transmission order part number MTCRY026.

These rebuilt NV4500's have all the latest design updates including:

  • New Main Shaft Design
  • New 5th Gear and Nut Design
  • New Counter Shaft Design
  • New HD Cast Iron 2WD & 4WD Extension Housing
  • Other performace upgrades possible.

    Use our online shopping cart, just click the part number and see additional information, add to cart or proceed to check out.

  • Part Number MTCRY025 4WD, your Cost $2260.00 4WD kit, plus freight, plus $500.00 core deposit. Your Getrag 360 will be acceptable for a core (no broken cases)
  • Part Number MTCRY026 2WD, Your Cost $2260.00 2WD Kit includes output yoke, number 3-3-4391X, core deposit $500.00.
  • New Clutch for this conversion is provided your cost $700.00 if required, your old clutch will work if in good shape. Higher horsepower clutch/flywheel units avaialbe.

Midwest Transmission Center is an Automotive Re-builder and Re-manufacturer We Can Help You With your Getrag 360 Manual Transmission.

We have a large inventory of NV4500 manual heavy duty 5 speed transmissions. We have assembled this kit that will allow you to upgrade your Dodge Ram Diesel 1988 to 1992 transmission performance to a modern Heavy Duty 5 speed. These kits are designed to make your transmission conversion project easy.

Take Advantage of Our NV4500 5 Speed Manual Transmission Expertise

The NV4500 transmissions started appearing on the scene in Dodge Diesel pickup trucks in 1992. This transmission has an cast iron case, aluminum top cover and it is top loaded. The NV4500 uses a removable aluminum bell housing. The main bearings are tapered and the input pocket bearing is a caged needle bearing. 1st gear 5.61, 2nd gear 3.04, 3rd gear 1.67, 4th gear 1.74 and reverse is 5.61. The units have 29 spline, a direct fit for your NP205 transfer case on your Dodge 4x4. There are no driveline modifications requiredd for your 4X4 conversion.

These NV4500 transmissions have helical gears, and the unit is fully synchronized, this unique synchro ring build up requires a special synthetic fluid. The length of the new installed transmission will be different from your current transmission, therefore you will need to have your driveshafts modified. The hole in the floor board will need to be moved back 4 to 6 inches.

Need a stronger NV4500, need more performance? There are a couple of things we can do to help you:

  • We provide a cryogenic treating process to specific gears and shafts to add an additional 30% in strength to your unit. For the NV4500 we recommend about 30 Lbs of critical parts be treated this adds and additional $300.00.
  • We can provide a larger input shaft 1 3/8" billet & cryro treated and a clutch kit for this shaft. We can also provide a improved main shaft design for you NP205 transfer case (call for quote).

Call 888-824-2012 for additional technical information or to place your order. You can see the entire line of products which we offer at www.midwesttrans.com.